Insert #72

I woke up in sweat,frustrated and lost.It was as if I was gagged and couldn’t scream or shout for help,I had a terrible dream and it was as if someone was trying to grab me.In the dream I had enough time to run away yet my feet froze,I tried to scream and not a sound came out of my mouth.There were faceless people walking by while this happened but no one stopped to help me and then a wild cat came out of nowhere and jumped at my attacker,they both fell to the ground but he was stronger than the wild cat and managed to get back up and charged at me.Then it started raining and with that a myriad of my mothers face appeared in front of me,blocking his view but he came through her chest and held me by the throat and started choking me and that’s when I woke up. Continue reading

Insert #71

Once I got out of there it felt like I had found my breath again,I was suffocating in that dark and dingy building.The windows were dark,the patrons uniforms were disgusting,the inmates looked like they all wanted to prove that they weren’t animals but human beings in a rehabilitation centre.As I walked out to the office to fetch the items that couldn’t go in,one of the inmates cutting the lawn called out to me,”ekse sisteri omhle” and so I looked nervously at him and smiled,”khayenze leR5 yeDrink kalok” so I slowed down and took out some small change from my wallet,”he came closer and I tried not to seem startled,”yigqaye nje phantsi wena sisi oNice” and so I did as I was told and threw the loose coins on the grass and carried on walking. Continue reading

Insert #70

I drowned myself into my work,one document at a time,one tedious email after the other I dragged myself through it all and finally the clock struck 16:00 and I was done.As I was about to pack up my laptop my cellphone rang,my heart skipped a beat,my ears became hot and I could feel butterflies just bombard my tummy.I stretched over the table and reached for it and it was an unfamiliar number and I smiled so hard my dry lips chapped.I hadn’t eaten that whole day and you could tell just from my lips.I answered and as expected it was my Mandla on the other side of the line,”mimi,ndifikile sthandwa sam” me “ok nana,uright kodwa?” Mandla “yes maLeta umntuwakho uright. Continue reading

Insert #69

My alarm went off at 06:30 in the morning so I got up without hesitation and sat on my bum.My eyes burned from not enjoying enough rest,I took my phone from the charger and called Mandla’s mom.”Hello sisi” me “molo mama,ndiyalungisa ke ngok ndiyeza”.I then called Daniel as well “morning Daniel speaking” me “morning Daniel,I left you a message last night did you get it?” Daniel “is this for Mandla?Yes I did I’ll see you in court just now but I’ll have a quick consultation with Mandla while we are there. Continue reading

Insert #68

I took off and passed the van Mandla was in slowly but the window was mazed and I couldn’t see him yet I could feel his empty presence in the Quantum,he hadn’t gone about showing me the functions of the Toyota because I was so used to a VW.Nevertheless,I hit the potholed road back to PE and hurried home to fetch Mandla something warm to wear,I parked the mini bus in front of our house and went inside the house with my handbag,I took out the gun and went into the room to put it in Mandla’s hiding spot.I put all th lights on and went back into the bedroom to fetch his grey K-Way zip-up top and his white K-Way beanie. Continue reading

Insert #67

We passed different cities and towns by the hour,the old school RnB music playing in the background and the thick silence filling the Toyota Quantum GL.We hadn’t spoken a word to each other and I was staring out through the window when he broke out and asked “awulambanga Bonelwa?” I didn’t say anything back and just nodded my head and that’s when I realized that we were approaching a filling station.We stopped to fill up the tank again and Mandla handed me R200 to get something from Steers,I got out and went inside the restaurant to place an order and when I looked through the window he was also approaching the convenience store. Continue reading

Insert #66

Mandla got out of the shower and put the his torn clothes in a plastic bag and he took out the luggage and place it on the bed and opened it wide.He started throwing in all our clothes and zipped it shut,he put it on the floor and tidied up all our toiletries and then got dressed.All the while I sat on the corner of the bed watching and not a squeak came out of my mouth,I felt that this was a sign that we were leaving so I got undressed too and reopened the suitcase and knelt on the floor to take out my yellow Urban degree maxi dress,my navy and white striped old kakhi cardigan and white queenspark sandals. Continue reading

Insert #65

The alarm went off and by now Mandla had sobered up I’m sure and this made me so afraid to get up and face the music so I pressed the snooze button just to procrastinate the start of my day.It was going to be a long drive back to Port Elizabeth but yesterdays scenario was going to make it extremely long,almost unbearable.Zukile’s message on my facebook,Mandla¬†getting drunk,the brawl he started in Sunninghill,all¬†of it made my head hurt.I wanted to fall asleep and wake up from this bad dream I was having….. Continue reading

Insert #64

Desmond came in to bring in the first batch of meat,by this time I had already made the salad and Mpho took out the garlic bread from the oven and she cut it up into smaller slices.By this time the kitchen was abuzz because more ladies had joined us and Lelethu seemed more at home because she was familiar with the other guests.We layed out the table in the dining room with plates and serviettes and eating utensils,while we were there Mpho whispered to me “those bitches can’t even lift a finger to help out” she was starting to be tipsy and I just giggled and didn’t say anything back.Zukile came passed us while we were still busy laying out the table and said “yo miss B-sting,how u been?” Continue reading

Insert #63

We drove to Bruma and the navigator made sure we didn’t get lost.We passed many residential areas,some on hills some scattered on valleys,big malls and very busy roads.Once we arrived at the Toyota car dealership Mandla parked the car,took a deep sigh and said “masingene mimi”.We walked into the massive building and was greeted by very enthusiastic salesman,Leon.”Goodmorning Mr and Mrs Jama,welcome.Please come through” while pointing to his office. Continue reading